We are developing an affinity chromatography media for its application in vaccine antigen purification.

This resin is based upon a monoclonal antibody for a specific protein immobilized in a rigid silica based matrix. This resin’s been used in biotech industry on a Flow Through chromatography step in which the impurity is specifically retained by the media before the formulation. The rest of the material will flow through the column’s solid phase obtaining a product free of this impurity.

The process development of the resin has this stages:

  1.  First we have to choose the appropriate support where the mAb is going to be hosted.
  2. Then the mAb adhesion to the matrix is carried out after choosing the optimal reaction conditions for obtaining the highest resin performance.
  3. Finally the chromatographic process parameters have to be defined according to the client needs.

This affinity chromatography is developed for its application in DIVA (Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animal) vaccine production in which there are specific impurities that co-purify with the antigen.

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